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Watch This 8 YO Sister Save Her Baby Brother From Kidnapping

Watch this 8-year-old sister save her baby brother of just 22-month-old. Such events have increased in recent years and many children have been injured. But luckily Owen managed to escape thanks to his little sister and brother.

The police show that these cases are frequent. Many reports are made to the police for abduction or molestation of children. In addition, the security camera filmed a man who looked like Frankenstein running down the street.

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He was holding the little baby in his arms and running. Therefore, behind him were the 10-year-old little girl and her 10-year-old brother who was carrying the baby carriage. They were playing in a playground near their house when a man they did not know kidnapped their brother.

Frightened children run after the kidnapper. He was holding the little baby by his side, trying to leave the scene. The children of the Wright family began to scream in fear. So, the neighbors realized that something was wrong and got worried.

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The heroic act of the little children

The little children were heroes and saved their brother. The whole event was lived in Sprague Washington where the children lived with their parents. The baby was 22 months old and will not remember this situation, but for his sister and brother, it is an important event.

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The whole event was recorded on security cameras and handed over to the police. The video shows the kidnapper running away and Alicia appears behind him. The little girl was screaming for help while the 10-year-old brother was trying to stop the kidnapper.

The event received a lot of attention in the city and the kidnapper left the baby on the street and left in a hurry. But after a period, a 15-year-old was arrested and accused of abducting the child.

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