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5th Grader Realizes Bus Driver Smells Strangely, Calls 911 And Saves 30 Kids’ Lives

Parents always tend to be overprotective of their beloved children but are impossible to keep a close eye on them all the time. 

But they can teach their kids how to keep out of trouble and how to take care of themselves. 

Troy Luna is a little boy who knows how to take care of himself as his parents taught him how to keep himself safe. 

He was taught how to not stay silent when he witnesses adults acting weird. When he was on his school bus, he noticed something strange. 

He smelled a strange odor coming from the bus driver that he never smelled before. Also, the bus driver was driving so carelessly. 

He knew that everyone was in danger and called 911. 

He told everything to the cops and they were soon on the bus route. 

They discovered the bus driver possessed drugs and was under influence. The driver was arrested and charged with driving under influence of the drugs and child endangerment. 

His family and school were very proud of him for acting so responsibly.