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Single Mom Was Told Not To Keep Quadruplets By Bullies, She Reveals Heartbreaking Secret

A pregnant woman from Utah was driving herself to the hospital and she gave birth to a 10-pound boy on the highway. 

Her husband went on a drinking session with his friends, so she had no one to drive her to the hospital. 

Beth Goodman wanted always to become a mother. After the ultrasound scan, she saw four little heads and was very happy to have quadruplets. 

Everyone turned on her because they believed she couldn’t have quadruplets without a financial plan and thought she was behaving recklessly and unreasonably. 

She didn’t have a financial plan, but she was moving forward. She believed that she would find a way to provide for her children. 

She gave birth to all of them and now a decade later when Oprah caught up with her, the children were extremely happy and taken care of. 

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