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Mom Posts This Online After Her Daughter Showed Up Like This

The relationship of young people or teenagers with alcohol is one of the most frequently discussed topics. This is an important topic and requires the attention of adults and young people at the same time.

This event also affected the mother of a 15-year-old who went to celebrate with friends. The 15-year-old had asked permission from her mother to go to the cinema and then she would stay at her friends’ house. But her mother could not believe her eyes at what had happened.

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In the morning she found many calls and messages on her phone. A young girl had tried to contact the woman. She wanted to inform him that her daughter was lying unconscious on the street. Ryleigh Payton had her phone turned off and did not return her mother’s calls.

Nena says that she was very scared of her daughter. She was very afraid and did not know what had happened to her child. that’s why she called 911 immediately.

The ambulance rushed to the place

She did not know the girl who had written to her and at least she knew that her daughter was not well. When she went to Ryleigh, the mother found her unconscious and foaming at the mouth. The ambulance came immediately and the doctors tried to give them first aid. But the girl couldn’t breathe and this scared her mother a lot.

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She had not reacted at all and the doctors decided to put her in the hospital immediately. The girl had drunk too much vodka and this had worsened her breathing. The mother says that she was very afraid in the hospital and only prayed that her daughter would get well.

She didn’t want to think that things would get worse. Her daughter and a group of teenagers had been drinking more Vodka than normal. This is not the first time that teenagers go to the hospital in a drunken state. Her mother decided to take pictures of her daughter when she was hospitalized.

She decided to share the photo to help other parents protect their children. She appeals to parents to stay close to their children in these moments. Also, according to her, teenagers should not consume alcoholic beverages or overdo them.

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