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This 28 YO Saves Sister’s Baby From Foster Care – Months Later His Heart Is Broken On TV

If you are a fan of talent shows, you surely will recognize him. He made it to Hollywood as part of American Idol. He is a guy who never quits, and this year he was more determined to show his talent to the world.

He is a great singer, but stole American’s hearts with his life story. It was tough to grow up in the inner city. I just wanted to be the light for people who didn’t believe in dreams. 

When he was very little, ended up in foster care with his sister. This never discouraged him from continuing in life and dreaming. He found his comfort in the show and music. Years later, his sister was expecting a baby.

His sister was a drug addict and the state forbade her to keep her son. The little one would end up in foster care just like them. 

He knew that raising him would be a hard job, but he wanted for his nephew to share another fate. I had really no idea what I was going to do, he said. My nephew is a real gift for me. He changed my life.

I really dreamed of giving him a better life. He melted our hearts.