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Autistic Boy Builds The Largest Titanic Replica With 56,000 Lego Bricks

One of the most beautiful things that kids love is playing with legos. Moreover, you can create beautiful things just by interlocking these tiny plastic bricks. Firstly you just need a little creative mind and artistic skills. And these are the things Brynjar Karl Birgisson possesses, that helped him create the largest Titanic replica with Legos.

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the world’s largest Titanic replica with Legos

Legos didn’t help him just to create the largest Titanic replica, but also with the autism and inabilities to put words together. 

He says that he was able to speak until the age of three, and after that, he had difficulties producing sentences. 

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the world’s largest Titanic replica with Legos in open place

All the words I had learned disappeared into a fog, says the young boy. In addition, I changed into an unhappy lonely boy. 

He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 5 and he turned to pictures that helped him develop. Brynjar has a passion for legos and ships that resulted in this incredible work of the largest Titanic Lego replica.

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Brynjar Karl Birgisson in his exhibition

It took 1 year, 700 hours, 56,000 bricks to build this 6.5 meters (21.5 feet) long Titanic replica, he said. 

His family and friends supported him through crowdfunding to buy the bricks. This creation took him to a lot of places where he showed his art. 

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Brynjar Karl Birgisson and his work

He says that “I was totally unable to communicate at the beginning of this project, and now I stand on stage and give interviews.” 

“It gives me confidence and new chances to study, travel, explore and meet wonderful people.”

Listen to him proudly speaking of his work.