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After Sharing Her Pregnancy Journey, Eliana Rodriguez Has Left A Lot Of People Talking

The pregnancy journey is one of the most beautiful and special moments in a woman’s life. Women experience pregnancy differently because their bodies are built differently. Someone can be stronger, someone can be weaker. Therefore, no female should be prejudiced during pregnancy. This is the story of Eliana Rodriguez, who was criticized on social media for her big belly during pregnancy.

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But the doctors show that all the prejudices and opinions of people are unnecessary because Elvane’s pregnancy was healthy and normal.

She had a successful pregnancy and delivery. For this, she thanks God and is very happy.
She shared her pregnancy on social media. Many people started talking about her body. Many commentators were skeptical about the size of her belly.

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They thought Eliana couldn’t have a child. Some commentators started asking Eliana “Where is the other baby?” Many commentators still do not believe that she gave birth to only one baby.

Eliana Rodriguez also commented on her photo on Instagram saying that she was born normally. “Women should support each other because pregnancy is a special journey.

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No one should be prejudiced. I had a normal birth and I am very happy that I had my loved ones by my side. Also, my doctors told me that this was a normal condition and happen often.

The baby’s birth

Women are different and experience pregnancy differently.” The baby was born 8.3 pounds and was 20.5 inches long. She thanks God and is happy about her birth.

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