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Pregnant Mother Goes For A Visit And When Doctor Does The Ultrasound He Looks At The Screen And Leaves The Room In Silence

The young mother is surprised by the doctor’s reaction when she went for a routine check-up. She was looking forward to becoming a mother and wanted to tell the whole world about it.

In fact, she often went to the doctor to see the condition of the baby. When she was 8 weeks old she went to the doctor with her husband.

But she and her husband were surprised. Something happened that they never thought possible.

They were very happy to become parents. Emily and her husband were eagerly awaiting their baby. But it would not be so easy for them.

It all happened when they went to the doctor. The screen was black and white but it was not as they thought.

Emily realized that her life would change. She had to have an abortion. They could not hear the children’s heartbeat through the screen.

She was very sad but her husband tried to give her strength and courage. She had read a lot about pregnancy and knew what the screen should look like.

She was saddened by the loss of the baby she could not wait to take in her arms. The doctor confirmed that the abortion was necessary and that the condition would be rectified shortly.

After she had an abortion, he had to return home. According to the doctor, the body would recover over time.

Emily and her husband were very desperate. She was no longer pregnant and would not come to their home with a baby.

A lot of time passed but Emily did not recover emotionally. The bond with her baby was very strong, even though she never saw him.