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Split-Brain Fruit Fly Research Gave Us A Whole New Insight Into Autism

The PLOS Genetics study shows that the human genius works in the same way as the Comm. “This is an exciting discovery because it has been worked on for a long time.” said the associate professor in the biology department. He shows that the brain gives signals and responds through the movement of neurons. This is one of the facts that support the study and makes it accurate. Another source of autism is still unexplained.

Neuroscientists have identified a new mechanism. According to them, he is responsible for the disorders that arise in the brain. This mechanism affects the right hemisphere of the brain. Studies began to become more specialized by adapting to autism. This source can be one of the causes of the birth of autism. Since researchers have linked this mechanism to autism, research is still ongoing.
This gene is thought to be an insect.

But some studies do not believe this hypothesis and reject it, supporting the idea that this is an undiscovered mechanism. Laboratory experiments are bringing new facts about this study. However, the function of the gene was unclear. They are trying to regulate the process of proteins that form the cell. The broken structure in the brain is called the corpus callosum. This is a bridge made up of nerve fibers and we exchange information from one hemisphere of the body to the other hemisphere, which allows the continuous exchange of information between two sides of the brain.

The corpus callosum is formed during pregnancy, and subtle structural breakdowns are associated with the development of autism. According to studies, this gene affects this part of the brain. The corpus callosum forms during pregnancy, and this may be one reason it affects autism. Studies are ongoing, and new results are expected every day.