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Parents Of Children With Autism May Have Hidden Elements Of Autism

One of the latest studies shows that children with autism are more likely to have autistic traits than their parents. According to studies, children inherit these disorders from their parents. The study was published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry and the Daily Mail.

This study was done in the US. Many universities in the country decided to study the details and understand the essence. Surely, everyone was looking for an accurate argument for this study. Some of the universities where this study was done are the University of California, the University of Washington, etc.

According to the Mail Online newspaper, this study was conducted on the child’s parents. However, it seems that this may have been inherited more from the mothers. Girls are more affected by autism therefore, hypotheses defend the idea that mothers are involved. The study report was done appropriately. However, this study lasted for several years. The results, although not clear, defended an idea. Professionals support the idea that parents of a child with autism may have this sign.

This study was done on children with autism syndrome in the US. Their teachers were part of this study and gave their contribution. Parents also participated in the study. Their genes were carefully examined and analyzed. However, there are still opinions that this syndrome is not present in the parents, but is formed by a genetic error during the formation of the child’s DNA.

One idea is that this has also been influenced by the behavior and emotional state of the parents. Some reject the idea that parental character influences children. However, according to studies, shy parents are more likely to raise a shy child. But this is very natural. Autism spectrum disorder involves certain symptoms. These symptoms may or may not be visible.