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Mom To Be Rescued Stray Cat, It Turned Out They Were Both Pregnant

One of the most wonderful things in life is when a woman takes the journey to become a mom.

Lauren Maners was blessed with this great opportunity to grow a new life inside her.

She had a soft spot for animals. Laura is an animal lover and has a long story with foster animals helping them to recover. She wanted to focus on her pregnancy and take a rest.

She spotted an injured cat in the final weeks of her pregnancy and couldn’t leave her there. The cat was skinny and weak, so she offered her a warm place to stay.

The cat was an expecting mom also. She was very surprised to find out that the cat was also pregnant.

After taking her to the vet, she made sure everything was going to be okay and decided to take care of the cat.

They shared some wonderful experiences together and bonded while they were in their final weeks of pregnancy.

Laura wondered if she was going to pop first or the cat.

She gave birth to her baby Kylie and 6 kittens were also welcomed into this world at the same time.

They all were healthy and in excellent health.

The kittens spent many months with Lauren and Kylie and brought joy to the home.

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