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The Doctors Froze When They Saw How Big The Belly Of This Pregnant Woman Was

We all know getting pregnant means new life on the way and women and family get excited about it. Lara Carpenter is a woman from Great Britain with an” wired” pregnancy, let’s say. She has a huge belly.

As we said for a woman it is a huge happiness but later for her this pregnancy turned into worry, fear for a strange reason.

Her belly kept growing so much that scared her even though her doctor said that they have never seen something like this before.

During this pregnancy she gained a lot of weight, about 42 kg and her belly reached a record of 1.4 meters.

She explained that during her 12 week her belly was big enough that people thought she was in ninth month about to give birth.

She got really worried because other women she saw that were pregnant were not in her belly size and she says she suffered a lot and got scared. There was nothing medically to worry about.

She gave birth normally and her baby weighed more than normal, about 4.2 kilograms.

It is true that pregnant women get stressed and scared easily during their nine months. Each of them have different experiences during pregnancy and when something is not like the other woman they get scared even though they know they are different. Maybe it’s a hormonal thing.

If you have something that scares you during this time you should go and see the doctor and if everything is okay the scary thing is only in your mind.

Pregnant women should stay calm and enjoy this experience as much as they can and eat and follow a healthy lifestyle.
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