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This True Why Robin Williams Committed Suicide Came Out, His Wife Reveals Everything

The death of the famous actor Robin Williams saddened the entire art world. His fans were worried about his sudden death. He committed suicide on August 11, 2014, and this year marks 8 years since he died. Williams was admired and remembered fondly by all. He is known as an intelligent man and very loved by the public and his friends.

In addition, he was very funny and took part in some comedy films that are very popular all over the world. You may remember his fantastic roles in Mrs. Doubtfire and Good Will Hunting. His excellent career in the world of acting made him stand out as one of the best actresses of all time. But recently, something began to worry Williams. He started having health problems and suffering from several types of diseases.

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Robin Williams diagnose

Initially, he was diagnosed with stomach problems and heartburn. His wife says Williams had indigestion. But over the years he noticed his hands shaking and he had frequent shoulder pain. This also affected his physical activity. His wife tells the New York Times that illnesses appear step by step. This was a long and painful process for Robin Williams.

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One of his friends, Billy Crystal, said that Williams’ appearance had changed. He had lost weight and was starting to get affected quickly. Billy Crystal noticed this in Williams’ daily life. He thought it was no fun anymore and it often made him cry.

But antipsychotic drugs had a big impact on his life. He began to have hallucinations and his condition worsened. His condition kept getting worse and worse. Therefore, he committed suicide at the age of 63. His wife and friends were very sad. At the time of his death, he was very tired and felt bad.

The doctors also informed him that he was also suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Robin Williams’ wife says that the actor loved life and wanted to live. But his symptoms started to increase and he was afraid to live in this condition.

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