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Father Commits Suicide After Forgetting Son In The Car

We are about to read a sad story. A father took his own life after leaving his child die in a hot car. The baby boy named Anderson only eighteen-month-old died earlier that day. After the boy’s death the father a thirty-seven-year-old man couldn’t live with the consequences took his own life.

The police explains that after arriving at their place they found the car door open and the child’s car seat was empty. They found out that the child who was already deceased inside the house and the father’s body was found into the woods behind the house.

The baby boy Anderson is described as a loving child who was the joy of the family. The father was also described as a kind man and a loving father and he was a draughtsman.

He had un unconditional affection for his boy and we may say it was due to his parenting and human heart. They announced that on a Tuesday morning that the boy and his father had tragically lost their life’s.

Even the lost was huge they created a GoFundMe to relive some financial strain and their family would be grateful helping during this terrible time.

A tragedy and a huge loss for their families that would need the support of all people during this time until the pain feels less but never gone. Is difficult for parents to lose their child but for the family of them would be harder with two lost lives. We are speechless and may this occasion make people to be more careful with their children’s.

May their souls reast in peace.
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