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The Old Woman’s Family Had Gone Home Crying, They Knew She Didn’t Have Much Time Left

Nurses sometimes have a more important role than we think. They are not only for the health but also for the emotions of the patients. Below you will read the inspiring story about an old woman, that happened in Kansas City, where Isabelle Jennings worked.

In the hospital where she worked, she took care of many patients and many of them needed special care. She always served people and was ready to help anyone in need.

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She did her job the best. An old woman was laid to rest in her place of work. Her family was very worried and sad. For this woman, the nurse cares more than anyone else. The family of the elderly woman would never forget these moments.

Isabelle was very loving and took great care of him, but more than any other patient. And this exciting relationship was born because of the song and the love for musical notes.

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A woman named Mary Helen sang every day in the hospital and Isabelle listened with admiration. But it wasn’t long before Mary Helen’s health deteriorated. This made everyone sad. She had health problems with her heart and her illness could be life-threatening.

During this period, Isabelle played an important role in Mary Helen’s life. You wouldn’t believe it, but the old lady changed her life and Isabelle was very sad. She tells that Mary Helen was her friend and that her beautiful and pure heart had made her a special woman.

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Isabelle is happy with her profession but at some moments she feels desperate. She gets very close to her patients and she is desperate to lose someone you love and admire. Below you will find the video of the elderly woman who touched everyone.

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