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Pete Davidson Wears Interesting Shirt After His Alleged Break Up With Kim Kardashian

The latest news about the separation of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian has made a lot of noise. Although this is a suspected separation, a reliable source has said that there is still a lot of love between them. Now Pete Davidson wears an interesting shirt that makes fans think.

However, the couple has not yet confirmed the separation. We are here to comment on the interesting shirt that Pete has decided to wear.

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Although he has not given any confirmation about the separation, apparently he is sending messages about his private life. He and Kim tied the knot in October 2021 after Kim’s breakup with Kanye West.

Pete Davidson wears interesting shirt

Pete is seen wearing a shirt that reads “What… I feel like sh*t”. this happened after many media outlets started spreading the news of his breakup with Kim. Pete has decided to speak through his fashion and clothing. Should this be an implicit message to all curious fans?

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Recently, he is taking part in the shooting of his new film in Australia. Sources show that they spent very little time with each other because of the commitments and projects they had.

This can also be seen on their Instagram. They haven’t shared photos with each other for a long time. However, they spent a lot of nice times together and always enjoyed their meetings. They look very happy in the last photos posted on Instagram. They are known for the popular skits of Princess Jasmine and Prince Aladdin.

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Pete has a tattoo dedicated to Kim Kardashian. On his body is written “Jasmine ∞ Aladdin”. Apparently, he is a very romantic guy. Everything started during the skits.

There Kim and Pete fell in love and shared their first kiss. He said that he had many plans with Kim and wanted to build a family. The dream he was working towards was to be a wonderful father to his children.

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While Kim and Kanye have not finished the divorce and property division processes yet. Kim is engaged in legal proceedings. They will be joint parents and will take care of their 4 children together.