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Kim Kardashian Shared The Truth When It Comes to Those Photoshopped Pictures of Kardashian Kids

Kim Kardashian finally responded to the claims of Photoshop usage. The business mogul and reality star shared to her Instagram stories what was photoshopped and what is not.

Photo enhancing and filters are very normal nowadays across social media. The Kardashians seem to get called out more than anyone about these claims.

Khloe Kardashian said in a statement about the criticism she gets every time, “It sucks but I understand that this is part of the game.”

Kim shared recent screenshots of articles accusing her of photoshop. She claims nothing about the photo, but the only reason is the skims underwear that is covering it.

Seriously? This is so dumb, she wrote. claiming that I photoshopped my bellybutton?

She also called out for the claims that she photoshopped her boyfriend’s jawline.

His jawline is snatched to the point you thought ai photoshopped it.

She was also called out when photos of Chicago West and True Thompson showed out on her Instagram feed.

The photo showed them at Disneyland, but Khloe admits that True never went to Disneyland.

Also with these photos.

It didn’t match the aesthetics and you know how much it means to me.

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