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Kim Kardashian Deletes Instagram Snap After Being Accused of Photoshopping Her Leg in Bikini Snaps

Kardashians are one of the most well-known families. They are all over the place with undertakings in makeup, design, and unscripted television. As a big-name family, they have too many fans and haters.

Kim Kardashian has a strong online presence with her photos and everything else. She is considered the unofficial queen of Instagram. 

She always makes the headlines, and this week is no exception. Fans were shocked after her last photo fail, which she immediately deleted. 

The 41-year-old start Kim, posted some pictures on Tuesday from her vacation in the Bahamas where she was accompanied by Pete Davidson. She was shown at the beach enjoying her time in a bodysuit. In one of these photos, her followers noticed something unusual. 

They saw that her back leg had a curve behind the knee. They were fast to point out that it was clearly a photoshop fail. 

Kim was fast to delete the photo gallery on Instagram and repost it removing the badly photoshop-ed one. However, the web was faster since it was screenshotted multiple times and people are sharing it on their social media. 

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