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Girl Repeatedly Arrives Late To School, Then Cops Check Dad’s SUV

James Schwikhard takes his daughter to school every day. Things started to seem very wrong after the school administrators looked closer at them when the girl repeatedly arrives late to school. 

After that, they called the police who tracked the father’s car and they were shocked. He left Oklahoma with his 10-year-old daughter and came to Colorado. He flees his state because of the risk to stay there.

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They had been living in Colorado for a few months after he enrolled his daughter in a school. Administrators of the school noticed she was coming late to classes. 

One day the dad returned to his car and found it surrounded by police officers. I said to them, ‘Officers what is going on?’ 

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He explained to the officers he came here for a better life. They were trying to survive. He drove his girl to school every day, but it cost him too much. 

The officers didn’t just listen to what he said, but acted. They got him immediately into a shelter and arranged their transport. 

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People of the community offered a hand to him to find a job and they moved to their new apartment. ‘I am in shock, this restored my faith in humanity,’ he said.

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