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Anne Heche’s Cause of Death Revealed

Only days after Anne Heche was removed from life support, new findings are revealed about the investigation.

A report was done by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner, and it gave the death cause. Anne Heche died due to inhalation of smoke and thermal injuries. Her death was listed as an accident.

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Previous update about Anne Heche

She had a sternal fracture due to blunt trauma. Anne Heche had a last wish to donate her organs after she died, and her family took sure to get this done accordingly.

The actress died due to brain death during a car accident. She was traveling in Los Angeles when she had a fatal accident. The doctors announced that she had lost her life and that her brain was no longer working. She stayed for a certain time on a ventilator.

That’s how the doctors saw which organs were still working.
She died at the age of 53 due to brain death. People who knew her knew that she always wanted to donate her organs.

She was a strong woman and loved by everyone. During her life, she worked hard and helped anyone in need. After the accident, the police and the ambulance came to the scene.

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The accident

Heche was found dead and the doctors put her on oxygen tubes. But after a long time, the doctors discovered that her brain had died. During the time she was on the ventilator, she fell into a coma. Brain death was caused by a lack of oxygen for a long time. She was transported to West Hills Hospital, north of Los Angeles.

Her family was very sad and informed everyone about the death of their loved one. The famous actress received care at the Burn Center in Los Angelos but could not survive.

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After the news of the death of the actress was certain, the family allowed some of her organs to be donated as she wished. Jo was a successful and talented woman.

Heche will be missed by her family and the art world. She fought with her life for several days but did not manage to prevail. Her lung was injured and required surgery. But in the tests done, the doctors found cocaine in her blood. She could also have consumed vodka.

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It collided with a house, so this caused a fire and a lot of smoke in the place. The accident is being carefully investigated, but according to the findings, the actress could be under the influence of cocaine. She changed her life after being in a coma for several days and her lungs stopped working.

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