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Family of Kidnapped Woman Take Matters Into Their Own Hands After Police Failed Tracing Her

The story of the Louisiana kidnapping became known not only to the police but also to social media. Bethany Arceneaux, a 29-year-old woman was abducted by her ex-partner.

They also had a child together. But the event became more dangerous when her family was involved. They made a complaint to the police to save Bethany, but according to the family, the police did nothing for her. So they decided to save him on their own.

It all started in the house where Bethany was staying. This is shown by a neighbor who helped Bethany save her son. Her ex-husband Scott Thomas forcibly withdrew Bethany and tried to do the same with their son.

He put the woman in the car, raping her and pulling her hard. The neighbor hid the little boy and testified that he had seen the whole event. This terrified her family, who decided to save the life of the 29-year-old alone.

This was not the first time Bethany had been raped by Thomas. She even had a restraining order against herself and her son. But Thomas was not afraid of anything. Family and police began searching for the abducted Bethany.

But the family showed up faster and found him in a field of sugar cane. He had abducted her and taken her to an abandoned house in the middle of the field. Her brother approached the house and heard Bethany’s voice calling for help. Everyone saw the scary scene.

Thomas had stabbed Bethany in the throat and was shouting that he was going to kill her. Her brother kicked in the door and stabbed Thomas 11 times in the back and Thomas died. Now Bethany is safe with her family. She is shocked and not believed to be alive.

According to her, he had told her several times that if they died, they would die together. He had even prepared for their death and had called the other child. She shows that she was terrified and is lucky to be alive.

Thomas was a violent and dangerous man. Also, her brother was not charged with murder, because according to the police department this is justified.