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8-Week-Old Surprisingly Intelligent Toddler Shocked Her Mom When He Started “Talking”

Recently, children are becoming more intelligent. Also, many facts prove that today’s children grow up faster. Some of them start to walk faster, eat faster, or talk faster. This video shows how an 8-week-old baby toddler started “talking” for the first time.

Her mother cannot believe this. According to her parents, the girl was very smart for her age. she could understand her mother’s words, but she couldn’t answer. Also, the little girl asked for many things and was curious.

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After some time, her mother discovered that the child wanted to communicate with her. Nena feels very lucky to have managed to record this moment. She opened her phone and took a video of the baby trying to talk, but she was only 8 weeks old.

The baby was imitating her mother and wanted to say “I love you”. Meanwhile, the mother was holding a phone and was recording the daughter’s reaction. She was saying “I love you, my daughter”. Even the baby wanted to express her love.

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The parents were very happy when they saw their daughter trying to form her first words. They shared the video on the Internet to get people’s reactions. Many commentators were happy and congratulated the couple. Some said that this was a beautiful thing and a special occasion.

Science also proves that young children understand their parents’ feelings. However, in the video, it is not clear if the baby pronounces the words, but she seems to be trying hard. In the video below you will find the baby. This is a very pleasant video. The video was shared very quickly and gained 2.2 million likes on social media.

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