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Doctors Stunned To Discover Steel Cup In Drunk Man’s Stomach

Doctors discover a steel cup in the patient’s body. This is not the first time that a metal body has been found in the rectum of drunken patients. The doctors suspect that the body was entered from the lower part, that is, from the anus, the patient had a steel stomach for a while.

This time, a metal cup the size of a hand was taken out of the patient’s body. According to the doctors, the cup was deliberately inserted into the patient’s rectum.

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The event happened in India and the patient had been feeling pain in his stomach for some time. He had visited different doctors and nothing was helping him. Finally, he decided to be operated on in Jaunpur.

During the visit to the hospital, he took an X-ray, where it was discovered that there was a metal cup in his body. This terrified him and his family. But the doctors are not surprised. This was not the first time they found a foreign object in the patient’s body.

According to the doctors, this usually came from the drunken state of the patient. He didn’t remember anything. A few days before he felt pain, he had been drunk and did not remember what had happened. He decided to have an operation and the doctors managed to remove the metal cup successfully.

The doctors discover a steel cup

They tried not to damage the other organs of the patient. Therefore, they remove the cup carefully. The video that is distributed on the Internet shows the operation and the process of extracting the cup.

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After the operation, the man confessed that he was very drunk with some unknown person and that after that day he started to feel great pain in his stomach.

He did not remember anything and suspects that this may have been caused by the people he was with when he was drunk. Doctors say that in other cases a screwdriver and a plastic bottle filled with water were found.

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