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After Being Hospitalized For A Collapsed Lung, Student Issues Urgent Warning To Vapers

Grace is a young girl known for her entertaining videos on TikTok. But recently she shared an important warning to vapers video. She says that she suffers from a lung health problem and the reason for this is gases and electronic cigarettes.

In addition, the doctors informed the girl about an emergency operation. She appeals on TikTok to young people not to use vapors and avoid electronic cigarettes. Grace says that she was admitted to the hospital after hearing the shocking news.

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A lung had collapsed and she had to have an operation. She was studying nursing and was sure that vaping was one of the main reasons for her lung problems. She tells young people to love themselves and to get away from these dangerous routines as much as possible. The lungs are the main organ of respiration. This should make us more responsible.

Warning to vapers as young people are consuming electronic cigarettes

Recently, not only adults but also teenagers have started vaping. Therefore, companies are producing different cigarettes with flavors of fruit, candy, etc. These marketing ideas are making electronic cigarettes more popular. You can see young people at bus stations, bars, schools, parks, etc. consuming these vapors with different flavors.

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Grace Johanna was hospitalized and was diagnosed with “spontaneous pneumothorax”. Now her life has changed and is not the same as before. She feels lucky to still be alive and shares a warning to vapers. The symptoms were immediate. She said that she started coughing up blood.

For this reason, a lung operation should be performed. After the operation, she says that she uses a tube inserted into the lungs. This could have been caused by a car accident, but vaping has played an important role in damaging the girl’s lungs.

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I got to see how sensitive our lungs are at such a young age. It happened bc of my stature, but please respect your lungs #collapsedlung #spontaneouspneumothorax #stopvaping #vaping

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