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Jorge Garcia’s Journey For a Healthy Lifestyle

Jorge Garcia is an actor who is mostly known for his role as Hurley in the movie series “Lost”. The character, Harley, used to be a simple person who worked at a fast-food restaurant.

He was overweight at the time but all of a sudden his life changed when he won the lottery.

Winning this lottery is what got Harley onboard flight 815. In the beginning, Harley was a secondary role but then he became more and more important becoming a leading role.

Needless to say that this series got him a lot of attention and it was the reason why he was then offered multiple other roles in different series and movies.

But Jorge’s focus at the time was that of starting to live a healthier life and lose weight. He used to weigh 400lbs and it became a problem since it started to affect his everyday life. 

Jorge has struggled for a lot of time with losing weight. Even when he was filming “Lost” he tried several times to lose weight but was not successful.

He asked for help from professionals and started seeing a nutritionist and also personal fitness trainers. Jorge also quit drinking alcohol and changed his way of eating. He no longer ate fast foods and changed his diet to fruit and vegetables. 

He was able to lose 100lbs and was very happy with the results. Share your thought regarding this article in the comments section on Facebook.