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She Received A Call While Getting Married In Church And Immediately Left Without Saying A Word

The event happened in Tennessee. The bride leaves her wedding without saying a word. This is Sarah Ray who surprised everyone with her action. Everything happened on her wedding day when she received a phone call and was forced to leave.

It seemed that this call was suspicious. She left the guests behind in the church and left her wedding. But the strangest action came from the groom who forgave his bride who left the wedding. However, this touching story tells a lot about true love.

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The groom forgave Sarah when he found out that she had run away to carry out a special mission. She was a unique woman and her husband loved her very much. The event became known on social networks.

A photo was shared on Facebook showing the bride running on the road to get somewhere. But there is nothing to worry about because she was going to do something good. The American bride received a phone call that would change her entire mood.


In addition, this phone call also changed her wedding day. Her plans were all changed and she ran away from her wedding.

During the wedding, she was informed on her phone that her father and grandmother had a car accident.

She understood that they needed help. The woman could not leave her family alone in this situation. She put on a pair of flat shoes and ran out of the church.

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When she arrived at the scene, she saw that her grandmother and father were fine. So they returned together to the church and the wedding ceremony continued. Sarah has a big and wonderful heart. She claims that she was a nurse and her family might need those moments and she was ready to save a life.

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