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Groom Burst Into Tears After Bride Stops Wedding To Introduce Him A Very Mysterious Woman

On the most important day of their life, a bride decided to give a surprise to her beloved husband. 

She halted the ceremony and introduced him to a woman he never thought he would come across.

Derick Smith lost his old brother when he was just 12 years old, after a horrific car accident. 

Their family decided to donate his brother’s vital organs but never knew who received the donations. 

Katy, his soon-to-be wife decided to surprise him on their big day by creating a chance to hear his brother’s heart beating.  

It took her more than a year to locate the lady who got his heart as a donation.

Grace Wilkinson decided to come to their wedding and everything was captured on camera.

Derick couldn’t believe what was just happening and his reunion with his brother’s heart is more than heartbreaking. 

This meant a lot to Derick.

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