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Your Belly Button Shape Reveals Your Personality More Than You Thought

In fact, your body sends you a lot of signs when something is not going well. We have to recognize these signs to stop or ease some diseases, and even save our lives. 

Here we are going to tell you that your belly button can be detected if specific organs function properly. 

Scientists have studied the belly buttons of more than 500 people and analyzed their germs. 

Small Bump Shape

If you have this form of belly button you are more prone to viruses and flu

Tucked Navel

If you have this shape, you may have problems with the digestive system. It also may indicate obesity and even depression in a few cases.

Almond Belly Button

If you have this belly button, you may suffer from migraines and muscular pain. It can even indicate a sign of brittle bones. 

Round Belly Button

A round belly button is concave and deep. You have a positive approach to life and want to explore new things. Optimistic and courageous. 

Large Belly Button

It says generosity and vitality. You are open to situations and great with people. 

Small and shallow

Through your intuition, you are linked to life’s mysterious ways. Wise and hard for you to trust people.