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Yale Or Harvard? No, The 16-Year-Old Chooses HBCU Over Them

The most important period for a student is finishing high school and choosing the university or college, where he will study. Yet this solution does not seem at all difficult for Curtis Lawrence, a 16-year-old boy from Washington, DC.

He has just graduated from high school and applied to dozens of universities. Curtis has been admitted to 14 very good universities in America and England, including Yale and Harvard. 

But his action seems to have surprised everyone. Although he had won at many famous universities, he decided to enroll at HBCU. This university is located in Florida, and the boy will continue his studies at this university with a scholarship.

Curtis began his studies in biology and computer science at HBCU College. He won about $ 1.5 million in scholarships to the most famous and best universities. However, this did not tempt the 16-year-old who chose to study in Florida.

“I was sure I would win at some good universities. But my biggest wish was to study at a college where biological programs are highly developed. The real reason I chose to study at HBCU is that there are students in that school who are like me. “There are a lot of talented and hard-working students there.”

His parents are happy with his decision. They support him and say that their son has made the right choice that has followed his dream. “He wanted this when he was little. “Now that he will study at the university where he wants, he is happy, and we support him,” said his parents.