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Worried Officer Enters Home When Girl Who Waves Him Every Day Is Suddenly Gone

Not all children are lucky. Some grow up in beautiful and harmonious families. They have good food and go to school. They also have money to have fun and spend time with friends.

But some children are not so happy. They grow up in families where they are mistreated and stay for many days without eating. One of these is the Klynn Scales. She grew up in a family that uses drugs. She and her brothers had no food so they stole from a shop near their home.

Every day in that neighborhood a policeman passed by who always greeted the children. The girl was very happy when the police greeted her. The 9-year-old greeted the policeman with her hand every day and felt like his daughter.

She felt a lot of love for him. The policeman also promised the little girl that he would take care of her and her brothers. Klynn says that in the most difficult moments she remembered the policeman and was not afraid.

One ordinary day the policeman was passing by but did not see the little girl. This surprised and frightened him a lot. So he started looking for the little girl. After finding the girl he was horrified. The girl had fallen to the ground breathless. He picked up Klynn and rushed her to the hospital.

Klynn was not well fed and had fallen to the ground unconscious. Doctors said she was suffering from persistent malnutrition. Some time later, Klynn posted on Facebook a thank-you note for the policeman who saved his life. She is very happy for her angel.

A woman from the Police Department saw this and she informed the police officer. They met after a few years and had longed for each other. Officer Colvin said he did not expect this meeting to happen and was very surprised. Klynn thanked the policeman endlessly.

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