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Woman’s Belly Weights More Than 45 Pounds And Growing – Doctors Fail To Learn The Reason

The story of a mother in China became very popular because it is different from other events. Doctors show that such cases are very rare. The abdomen of a 36-year-old woman does not stop growing and weighs 44 pounds. This case surprised doctors at a hospital in Guizhou, China. Huang Guoxian is a mother who has two children and shows that this is worrying her every day.

Because her belly weighs so much, she finds it difficult to do physical activity. Doctors advise him not to stay on his feet for a long time. For this reason, her husband helps her with household chores. The son and grandparents are also a great help to him. Guoxian experiences a lot of pain. For the first time, she started having pains 2 years ago, but they were not so big. The helpless woman has trouble breathing, eating, and sleeping She took some medication that will help her get through this period. But that does not stop her stomach from growing.

This condition is rare for doctors, and they have not yet found training. Her stomach is constantly growing, and doctors are trying to find the right way to prevent this. However, she suffers from various diseases. But not if any of these diseases have affected the growth of the abdomen. Doctors conducted many tests and tried different treatments. She suffers from ovarian cancer, liver cirrhosis, dehydration, breathing problems, etc.

Doctors advise Guoxian to have surgery. However, the operation is very expensive, and for this reason, it requires help from the community. According to the Daily Mail magazine, Guoxian shows that her life is very difficult now. Her children are small and help her with household chores. She hopes to be healed and healthy. however, her condition is very difficult. Doctors hope medical treatments work.