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Woman Who Never Had Kids, Opens Door And Meets Girl Who Claims To Be Her Daughter

Often people mistake family for biology. Family is much more than just some relation based on the same blood. Instead, it is based on love.

In this article, we will see the story of a woman named Zelda who accepted in her house a young girl who claimed to be her daughter. Zelda had never had kids in her life.

Zelda is an old lady who started to notice herself getting old only when her husband died in a car accident and she was left with no one. He passed away before having children with Zelda.

She had always wanted to have a child but didn’t have one. This changed when a young girl knocked on her door telling her she was her daughter.

The young woman introduced herself as Ella. She said she grew up in an orphanage and always wanted to meet her biological mother.

Zelda was shocked as she had never been pregnant and had a baby. But something inside her prohibited Zelda from saying the truth.

Instead, she invited Ella in and told her that she also had always wanted to meet her real daughter.

The two women began forming a strong connection with each other. They started doing all kinds of activities together.

Ella was going to get married and this was one of the main reasons why she wanted to find her real mother, to be with her on that special day.

Zelda and Ella spent some wonderful years together until Zelda decided to tell her the truth. Scared of her reaction, Zelda told Ella the truth.

Ella said that she knew all along. She eventually went to her biological mother, who was also named Zelda, and she refused to meet her.

This is why Ella decided to knock on the door of another woman named Zelda, hoping she would accept her.

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