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Woman Who Endured Back Pain Since Giving Birth 14 Years Ago, Finds She has A Broken Needle In Her Spine

Amy Bright underwent a normal c-section in 2003 at a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. She gave birth to her sixth child.

She had an acute back pain for which started just two months after the surgery and had a crippling effect on her life.

A scaner she made after living in pain for 14 years, discovered that a 3 cm piece of needle was buried in her spine.

She was shocked and very angry because this affected her life.

Amy had her legs partially functional necause of the severe nerve damage.

The needle moves inside her spine ebery time she moves.

She has seen a lot of doctors throughout the years, but they all gave her drugs to relax.

Not she brough a lawsuit with her lawyer against the federal government.

She sued the Florida’s Naval Hospital and claims that the staff knew the needle had broken but did nothing to remove it.

Amy may become paralyzed and has to manage her life in need for painkillers and physiotherapy.

I may be using a wheelchair, said Amy and I am terrified, I have no idea what future holds.

We wish her a speedy recovery and hope that she wins the case!

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