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Woman Sued Casino After Winning $43 Million Jackpot And Rejected For Machine Malfunction, In Return Was Offered Steak Dinner

Katrina Bookman won $43 million on the SPhinx Slot Machine at the World Casino Resort in Queens, New York. This would be the record for the highest jackpot on a slot machine in the US.

She took a selfie thinking this would change her life. But in fact, it changed her life just not as she thought. 

When she asked for the price, a worker informed her that she won nothing, and gave her a free steak supper and $2.25. 

Her lawyer says that the workers justified it and said it was a malfunction and not real. The New York State Gaming Commission said later that malfunctions nullify all payments. 

The explanations are ridiculous to the lawyer. It is not possible to be broken if you just wish it to be. So no one looked after it? No one inspected it? So, does this indicate that everyone who played in that machine before, had no possibility of winning? 

Is this negligence and failure to remove machines that do not work? What do you think about that? 

The casino didn’t pay the money the lawyer demanded. This is not the first time this happened. Another 90-year-old grandmother won $41 million on a slot machine and the court said the restriction of the winnings was at $10,000.