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Woman Loves the Smell of Underarm Sweat So She Doesn’t Use Deodorant in Heatwave

The British content creator and glam model Fellena Fox, like other people, has a different beauty routine. With high temperatures around the country, the only fan model has admitted that she has not used deodorant because she likes the smell of her own body. Together with this, she has left her armpit hair unshaved for like five years.

What she claims is that she has learned how to love the natural smell of her body and says that the diet and lifestyle is the important thing that plays a huge part on how the body smells. She also claims that rarely use deodorant.

Fox wishes that more people get to learn how to love their natural smell and give up using chemical smells or unnatural ones. She says that she does not like perfumes and for her fans she is trying to make more sweaty content.

The reason she started not shaving was because of an act of defiance against man’s expectations. Now for her this is her biggest income. This was the way why she was loved on her streaming platform. She earned £300,000 for the past two years. With the hot weather on her side for the next few weeks she is sure she is going to be ranked even more.

Fox admits that a lot of her fans love her seeing her armpit hair long and sweaty. She loves to see people sweating in the gym and she is planning to pass these heat days creating content.

She says that men love to watch women’s sweating. Fox has admitted that if she removes her armpit hairs her fans will be annoyed and made an answer and question in twitter about sweating fetish and 200 people from 500 said they might.

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