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Woman Insults Cashier Wearing US Flag, Man’s Reaction Stuns Shoppers And Sparks Debate

A woman who wore a hijab in California confronted the cashier about their American flag pin. There happened to be a soldier in line and behind him was a man who was not having it and by the time the confrontation ended they ended up caught off guard.

The soldier was waiting in line when the hijab woman had some, let’s call them unkind things to say for the flag and for the American country. While he was waiting in line he heard the woman screaming to the cashier about the pin and the cashier said that she would always wear the pin.

At that moment the hijab woman said that she was of Iraqi descent and asked when their country was going to stop bombing her country. As we may imagine these words could never go unnoticed by others around. The man standing behind the soldier heard it and spoke up.

He took his arm to the soldier and told the woman that a lot of men like the soldier had fought and given their own life so other people like him could stay in His country. He also told her that in addition to her loud voice he would buy her a ticket so she could clear the mess that she was avoiding now that she was in His country. Harsh isn’t it.

With this response, he could easily shoot the woman down and the people in the store started to cheer up his response. Even if you are a Muslim, Christian, or Democrat, you should always respect other countries’ flags. We do not know if this is a true story; it brings up great points.

You just can not go to a country or a store and scream about flags or politics. As the man said, you could easily go back to the country you came from.

Share your comment with us. Many people are against the man who talked that way to the lady. The last decades have been very tough for Muslims around the world with wars and we have to be more kind to one another. What do you think about this?