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Woman Got Asked Out By Guy Who Bullied Her As Kid, She Stood Him Up With Awesome Note

Louisa Manning was 12 years old when she was bullied continuously in school. Her classmates mocked her about her weight and nicknamed her man-beast. She developed an eating disorder and didn’t have self-esteem.

Now at 22 years old, everything has changed about her. She is grown into a very beautiful woman and attends Oxford University.

One day she bumped into one of her bullies who asked her out. He treated her with respect now after he found out she was good-looking.

I was very angry now that he asked me out, Louisa said. Now that he finds me attractive, he wants to jump into bed with me, so I decided to get revenge.

She arranged the dinner date and didn’t show up. She gave a letter to the waiter so he would give it to the bully when he arrived.

In the letter were a photo of her when she was 14 years old and a note.

Hey, sorry I can’t join you tonight!

Remember year 8 when you made fun of my weight? Well, I spent three years eating less than an apple a day. So I decided to skip dinner.

Remember my monobrow you mocked or the hairy legs? Remember how you called me Manbeast? Perhaps you don’t, or just you see me now and deem me f***able enough to treat me as a human?

Next time you think of me, see this photo. Louisa.

In fact, he responded and asked her for an apology.

Hey, I was actually there to meet up with you for a chance to be friends, and not because you are good-looking. I don’t blame you for standing me up. I can’t change who I was years ago and I won’t pretend nothing happened. I am another person now, I just want to apologize and wish you the best.

Louisa is shocked that she got an apology after 10 years, but she still appreciates it.

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