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Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets, Husband Kisses Her Before Delivery Without Knowing She Died After Birth

We do not see great love only in fairy tales and movies, but we are sometimes lucky to experience such love. 

This is exactly what happened with a wonderful couple from Arizona. 

Carlos and Erica Morales met in 2006 in Arizona. Despite they were very different from each other, they knew their fate would be together. 

They fell in love instantly and began a relationship. They swore to stay with each other in difficulties. After marriage, Carlos and Erica wanted to have children. 

It was very difficult for her to become pregnant and underwent fertility treatment. She found out that she wasn’t expecting just one, but four babies. 

She had complications and was told to give birth immediately. Carlos went to her and together they decided to name three of the children but didn’t find a name for the fourth one. That would remain to be decided after giving birth. 

Carlos kissed his wife on the forehead and told her how much he loved her. 

She gave birth to three daughters and a son. Carlos was so excited. But Erica went into hypovolemic shock and she was gone. 

He was frozen in place. When the nurse asked him for the names, he decided to name the fourth baby Erica. 

Carlos decided to be a strong man and take care of his children. Erica’s mother also went to live with him to help out with the children. A GoFundMe was opened to help him.

He has four reasons to live now. Our heartfelt condolences go to Carlos and their family!