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Woman Enjoyed Perfectly Normal Pregnancy Until She Was Warned She Would Give Birth To Baby With Malformations

The pregnancy journey is one of the most beautiful and special moments in a woman’s life. Women experience pregnancy differently because their bodies are built differently. Someone can be stronger, someone can be weaker. This is the journey of Olesia, who couldn’t wait to hug her child.

She was very happy that she would finally become a mother. This thing would change her and her husband’s life for the better and they were very happy about this fact. This was a wonderful moment and they want to enjoy it to the fullest.

But something changed the pregnancy journey.

Olesia goes to the doctor constantly to do the child’s routine check-ups and everything was normal. But one day, the doctors informed him that something was wrong. In the ultrasound, the doctors discovered that the child would be born with malformations and informed the parents about this. No one could believe it.

Their happiness seems to have faded very quickly. Emotions were confused with one another and now things would not be like before. She was very enthusiastic about being pregnant but things were not going so well. The doctors wanted to warn the couple that this could affect their lives.

This was the reason why doctors asked the young couple several times if they wanted to accept their child, knowing that it would be malformed. In the ultrasound, the doctors discovered that the baby’s hands and organs were not developing. This terrified the couple.

But they loved this child very much. For this reason, the doctors told him that the child could require special care and medication for the rest of his life. But they didn’t want to give up their baby. So they had to sign some documents to prove that they agreed with this. Eugen started to prepare the room for the baby who was to come to life.

After days passed, Olesia was born and the amazed doctors informed the couple that the child was healthy. Olesia was diagnosed with a large fibroid in the uterus. Therefore she removed all the female organs. However, she was now very happy because she was finally reunited with her daughter.

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