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Woman Dressed Simply And With A Sad Face, Entered Supermarket, But Things Took A Different Way

We can say by the title what you think you are going to read might be “wired” but it is a story about a woman that couldn’t pay for the product she wanted to buy, so she kind of made a deal with the owner to pay them later.

This story is sad actually. The woman had her husband ill and seven children to feed. She couldn’t work because of the illness of her husband and really needed the products. But the owner called his guards and ordered them to take her away from the store.

She started to beg but the owner said that it was not possible to give food to someone who did not know. Closer to the entrance of the supermarket was a client who heard the story.

He was interested in the wife’s shopping list and he asked the owner to call her and ask. As soon as he called her he told her that he would feed her as she weighed the list. Next, he took a piece of paper and started writing. The woman placed the list on the scale full of fear.

The scales sank like a stone there and both the owner and customer were amazed. The owner started to put in more food and more but the scale did not move at all and later took the paper to see if there was any trick on it. After taking the paper in hand and seeing that there was no shopping list but it was a prayer to the Lord who was the only one who knew her needs.

The owner gave her all the food that was on the scale and did not say a word. Amazing story. We all enjoyed reading it. We never know what people are going through. Kindness is always a good idea.

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