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Woman Brings Baby Three Weeks Early So He Can Meet His Critically ill Father

He came to this world with the joyful and the saddest news for the family. The couple welcomed their second baby this month. He came to this world magically and completed a miracle. 

The husband was hospitalized due to cancer issues and his prognosis was reduced to a matter of days. 

We requested an induction with our second son’s due date that was coming after three weeks. The doctors accepted and offered an induction.

The wife said goodbye to her husband and reminded him to stay strong and wait for the baby. 

He promised to do so, and the induction process began. ‘When I was in the labor room, I had news that my husband had only a few hours to live’, the wife says. 

It had to be a c-section or my husband would miss out on meeting our son, she continues. The wife accepted to go with the c-section and her baby was born 20 minutes later. 

I carried him a couple of seconds and he was rushed to be placed on his father’s chest by nurses. Husband’s life improved immediately after they placed the little boy on his chest. 

He acknowledged the son’s presence and the nurses placed also a bed so the wife can stay next to her husband. 

He took his final breaths with our son on his chest and my hand in his says the wife. The boy was born 7lbs 4oz with the loveliest of cries. He was a gift from God. 

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