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Woman Becomes Pregnant After 10 Years – 4 Days After The Doctor Confesses The Big Mistake

Carolyn wanted to have a baby. She and her husband did not have a child for ten years. They tried  IVF treatment. This effort helped those who gave birth to a son.

They were happy with this news. But they did not know that just one photo of them would change their lives. After their baby was born, the father decided to take a picture of her in his mother’s arms. 

He posted the photo on social media immediately after birth. But they did not know what would come into their lives after this photo. It had been shared more than 6,000 times.

They did not understand what was happening. They did not know the reason why this photo had become so popular. Only after reading the comments did we realize what was happening. But what was so strange about this picture?

Carolyn and Sean Savage were married in 1993 and wanted to have a child. Yes, Carolyn could not have children because she had health problems. For ten years in a row, they could not have children.

In February 2009, Carolyn had her embryo implanted for the fourth time. This operation ended successfully and Carolyn was pregnant.

But when they woke up that morning they were surprised. There were 40 new messages on their phone and the post was distributed thousands of times. The photo had been shared by their doctor. He wrote to us: “I’m very sorry, but your embryos were replaced by someone else.”

She very much hoped this would be a joke. But it was true. Their embryos were mistakenly confused. The action she had to take was to return her son to his family.

Although she did not like it, she had to do it. They returned the son to the biological parents. Now she had no hope of getting pregnant. “I will love Logan very much. He remains my child. “

But a miracle happened in 2011. Carolyn and her husband will give birth to twin daughters through a surrogate mother. They were called Isabella and Reagen. They bring a lot of happiness to the family.

But the best news came in 2014. Carolyn was pregnant. She and Sean were surprised to see that the test was positive. Their son was born in 2014 and was named Nicholas. Now the family is happy with each other.