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With Her Blond Hair And Blue Eyes, She Was Making Waves In Hollywood

When she was younger, Kathleen Turner was very beautiful and everyone left their heads behind her. She is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Turner also admits to herself that her beauty was a huge advantage.

She had wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. This woman was extraordinary for the time she lived. But now her appearance has changed a lot. Even some cannot recognize it if they look at it.

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Although she has been one of the most coveted women in the world today, her appearance shows another person. Before, it was very easy for her to gain the attention of all men.

But today Kathleen Turner has changed a lot.

Kathleen Turner

The doctors are convinced that this is the cause of the disease and the drugs she takes to cure it. A few years ago she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. This was shocking news, but you let her stay on her feet. It is very difficult for an actress to go through such a period.

The doctors warned the actress that she was in danger of walking. To prevent this problem, she took many medicines which began to affect her appearance. That’s why she had to stop the medicine. But over time, her appearance changed a lot and her life was also not like before. People and their negative comments were endless. Therefore, she found the solution by consuming alcohol. She drank alcohol constantly and this affected her daily life.

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Kathleen Turner said that her illness started to progress and at that moment she realized that she could not find a solution. She was afraid that she would not work. The art world is very dangerous. No one accepts people who have illnesses that prevent them from doing their work. She was diagnosed with this disease in 1990. From that day on, things changed completely for her.

Kathleen Turner

Her life was full of action and she knows it. She also mentions that her voice was thick and sounded like Lauren Bacall. One day she told Bacall “I am the new version of you.” the actress is known for her beauty in her youth. She knew that every man liked her. Yesterday she said that she considered men who don’t look at her gay. She married Jay Weiss in 1984 and divorced in 2001.

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