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Willie Nelson’s Beloved Precious Little Sister Passed Away And Family Statement Is Heartbreaking

The famous country music singer Willie Nelson will soon be 89 years old. He had been through a lot of difficulties in his life and one of them is having to say goodbye to several friends or family members who have died.

Unfortunately, he recently had to say goodbye to his big sister Bobbie who was 91 years old. He and his sister were raised by their grandparents in a tiny farming community in Texas.

They grew up with their grandparents but always saw their parents every day since they lived next to them. It was their grandparents who also grew in them their interest in music. They were very kind people.

Bobbie was also a singer and artist like Willie. She played the piano and started performing as an evangelist when she was 14 years old.

She got married to Bud Fletcher and created a band together. Bobbie was just 16 and Bud was 22. The couple divorced several years later and also their band disassembled in 1955.

After the divorce, she also lost custody of her 3 children. They were raised by Bud’s parents after Bud lost his life in a car accident 6 years later.

She was helped by her brother Willie to gain a role in the music industry. She became the pianist for some famous albums at the time and got back on her feet.

On March 10, 2022, Bobbie passed away at the age of 91. Till now, no cause of death has been given by the family.

To Willie, she will always be his little sister.

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