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Wife Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ One Last Time to Her Husband and Dad of 4 Kids

Tony Gibson was diagnosed with a brain disorder right when he and his wife Danielle Gibson welcomed their twins into life. The brain disorder that had affected Tony is commonly known as mad cow disease or in the medical language as Cruetzfeldt-Jakob dᎥsease.

Its symptoms started showing in December 2017 as his memory started to deteriorate. Danielle opened a GoFundMe page to raise money for his treatments. She said that Tony started getting so confused that she had to put labels everywhere around the house for him to tell things apart.

Tony, 33 years old, initially started losing his memory, then his reading abilities, and then his mobility. Even though the doctors only gave him six months left to live, Tony fought to make it till the last moment.

Danielle was a real hero during all that time. She took good care of Tony and also their kind in the meanwhile. 

One day Danielle started singing “Amazing Grace” to Tony as he was lying in bed. Tony was touched and immediately looked into her eyes thanking her in his own way. 

Unfortunately, this would be the last time that Danielle would sing for her husband. He died three days later on 30th January. 

Of course, it was very difficult for Danielle to cope with her husband’s death, but she kept going knowing that this is what he would have wanted. He gave her the strength to move forward for their children. 

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