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Wife Gave Birth To Girl, 27 Hours Later Man Heard News That Brought Him To Knees

In this article, we will be seeing the story of a couple who were deeply in love.

They had a child together.

The couple Matt and Liz met when they were in high school. It was love at first sight.

They had to go to different universities later but they beat the distance and were still together after several difficulties. 

In 2005 they reunited and started living together and then got married in the same year on August 13th.

Two years later, Liz got pregnant with their first child.

They had the beautiful idea to start a blog and share the progress of the pregnancy there so that all their friends and family could be part of it.

During the pregnancy, she remained in bed since it was a difficult one. Her pregnancy was considered a high-risk one. 

Liz went into labor on March 24, 2008. Their daughter Madeline was born.

Later Liz started feeling bad. The nurses and doctors approached her to help.

After 27 hours after birth, Liz died because of a lethal embolism created in her lungs.

She never got to hold her daughter. 

He now had to share this horrible moment with his friends and family.

It was extremely difficult for him. But he had to be strong for his little daughter Maddy. 

He transformed the pregnancy blog into a parenting one and found peace in it by writing and sharing what was inside his heart.

It soon became a famous online phenomenon.

He created a foundation in his wife’s name which was able to raise $4.400 which he later donated.

He now organizes all kinds of events that benefit other people who also face different difficulties. 

He also wrote a book which then became a bestseller. It is named: “Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love”.

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