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Wife ‘Celebrates Her Abusive Husband’s Death – Dumps His Ashes Into The Trash

One of the most difficult moments in life is when a person close or important to you dies. All people can save something from them to be remembered. The only thing left of them is memories. For this reason, everyone tries to preserve the clothes, books, or photos of their loved ones. But this does not happen to everyone. Marsha Widener has decided not to save anything left by her husband. This news spread very quickly all over the world.

According to Marsha, this behavior was deserved. She felt very free after the death of her husband and thinks she should not save anything from him. In 2017 her husband died, and this news spread very quickly on social media. This happened because the action of Marsha attracted attention. Marsha must have been crying for her husband. But she did not do that. She appeared in photos and videos throwing his clothes in the trash.

Don Widener is Marsha’s late husband who died in 2017. Marsha reveals that her husband was abusive and did not allow her to live in peace and freedom. She thinks he has behaved properly and that he deserves it. She reveals that her husband has been violent with her and he deserves her to throw his clothes in the trash. But many people criticized her action. However, she said on social media “I know you will not understand why I’m doing this”. It was in the attention of all media for a long time.

But apparently, it is not only Marsha who does not accept Don in her life. She does not want any memory left of him. But his family seems to love him too. His brother does not want him or his clothes, his children do not want him he does not want him because he was not a good man. He was a garbage collector and worked in a landfill. For this reason, Marsha chose to forget it this way.