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Why It’s Important To Understand What Happens To Babies When You Keep Them Barefoot

We all want our children to grow up smart, but there are a lot of tricks to help develop your baby’s brain. And this let’s us wonder if we are doing things the right way. 

Babies before their first walk, have their feet covered with pre-walkers. There are a lot of studies that prove walking barefoot is very good for the child’s development. 

This helps them during their early years develop their sensory system and adapt to the five senses. 

Walking barefoot helps the development of the proprioceptive and the vestibular systems, says Chiropractor Dr. Kacie Flegal. 

Experts also say that wearing shoes all the time is not beneficial for your children. They can block the sensors and prevent the process of sending tactile feedback to our body. 

It is also a  great activity to walk barefoot on grass with your children. Regardless of your age, this allows new neural connections to develop and helps you relief.