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Whoopi Goldberg Explains Why Her Marriages Failed

Whoopi Goldberg is a well-known American actress suffering from dyslexia. She married in New York on November 13, 1955. Whoopi and her brother lived together and their mother cared for them.

She shows that she had a difficult childhood. In addition to going to school, she also has to work. She also had problems communicating and understanding things because she was dyslexic.

Whoopi understood things late and this caused him a lot of problems. This started to get even more annoying in 1994. She found it difficult to work, read, or understand anything.

She made a medical visit and according to the doctors, she could not change that. Many students in her school called her dumb and it made her feel very bad. Yet she knew she was not dumb and had no health problems.

She could not speak to others. She married and at the age of 18 gave birth to her daughter. She then split up and started a new life in California. She tried hard to find a job.

He also tried to enter the world of television. For this, a stand-up comedy program was launched. This program became popular. However, The Whoopi Goldberg Show was not so successful and was closed due to low viewership.

She married twice and divorced. She realized she did not want to be married and had no reason to be. She also claimed that she was not in love with the men she was married to.