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While Sister Inherits Mansion, Brother Only Gets Abandoned House and Finds a Hidden Floor There

Family is very important and everyone knows that. Especially relationships within the family. Love and tolerance must prevail in the family. But this does not happen in all families. In some families, there is a lot of competition. 

This is the story of Kate and Richard. They were sisters and brothers and lived with their father after the death of their mother. She died shortly after giving birth to her son. For this reason,

Kate did not love her brother. She even often accused him of being to blame for their mother dying. Doctors, however, indicated that he had had no effect on her health.

Kate did not like her brother very much. But he wanted her to be their father’s first and favorite. Sometimes she became very jealous of the beautiful relationship her little brother had with their father. For this, she did not spend much time with her brother. 

While Richard spent a lot of time with Dad. They drank coffee together, talked about things they liked, laughed, and shared their thoughts. In fact, Kate was wrong when she thought the father loved her brother more. He loved them both equally. He even highly valued Kate.

Kate was a smart girl and passionate about economics and family businesses. She was a willing girl. Her father knew this but Kate could not understand it. She kept thinking that their father loved his brother more. So she did everything she could to get his attention. 

After some time their father started to stay alone and this surprised the children. However, Kate was glad he was not spending so much time with Richard.

After some time their father invited them to his favorite restaurant. Richard realized that something was not right. He went to dinner with the family though. At the table, their father told them he had been diagnosed with cancer. 

This shocked the children. After the death of their father, Kate and Richard became more and more distant from each other. The only thing that united them was their house, for which they had paid a lawyer.